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Adspeer bridges connections to drive seamless results, using advanced AI to efficiently pair businesses with promoters, providing a cost-effective solution for promoting products and services.
Pro tip: Adspeer uses escrow payments, securing transactions between businesses and promoters.


Adspeer harnesses the capabilities of artificial intelligence, social media, and online platforms to magnify voices on a global scale, dismantling previous constraints. Through uniting these voices with businesses in pursuit of creative consumer engagement, we capitalized on the chance to establish significant connections.
Connect. Collaborate. Grow
Our voyage commenced with a visionary team that grasped the potency of influencer and promoter marketing, alongside the burgeoning appetite for authenticity in advertising. Our mission was to craft a platform that not only enabled partnerships but also nurtured authentic bonds between brands and promoters.
Following months of research, development, and teamwork, Adspeer materialized as the conduit that harmonizes businesses and voices in profound, purposeful connections.

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