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Booking promoters

Selecting a promoter
Booking promoters on Adspeer is a strategic endeavor that empowers your brand to harness the potential of promoters for highly effective product promotion. Whether you're a seller or brand, Adspeer's promoter booking tool equips you with the capabilities to discover, assess, and engage with promoters and influencers, enabling you to significantly expand your reach and impact in the market.

Booking Promoters Steps

Step 1: Sign in to access your dashboard

Log in to your Adspeer account to access your dashboard. If you're new to Adspeer, sign up to start the process.

Step 2: Browse promoters

Navigate to the "Promoters" section in your dashboard to explore the available promoters. You can filter by categories, niches, and audience demographics to find suitable collaborators.

Step 3: Review promoter profiles

Examine promoter profiles to assess their reach, engagement, content style, and audience alignment. Consider their past collaborations and performance metrics to make an informed decision.

Step 4: Initiate collaboration

Once you've identified potential promoters, initiate collaboration by sending them a collaboration request. You can use Adspeer's messaging feature to communicate your interests and intentions.

Step 5: Negotiate terms

View promoters rate to know fixed terms such as compensation and additional fees. Promotional content and campaign timelines may be provided.

Step 6: Finalize booking

Once you and the promoter agree on terms, finalize the booking by confirming the collaboration on the Adspeer platform. This step seals the agreement and prepares you for collaboration.
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