Manage campaign

Campaign Management Steps

Step 1: Sign in to access your dashboard

Log in to your Adspeer account to access your dashboard. If you're new to Adspeer, kindly clikc here to get started.

Step 2: Navigate to campaigns

From your dashboard, navigate to the "campaigns" section to view a list of your ongoing and completed campaigns.

Step 3: Select Campaign to manage

Choose the campaign you want to manage. Click on the campaign title to access its detailed information.

Step 4: Monitor campaign metrics

Review the campaign metrics, including reach, engagement, conversion rates, and other relevant data. Adspeer provides real-time insights into your campaign's performance.

Step 5: Review collaborators updates

Check for updates and messages from your collaborators. Keep the communication lines open to ensure everyone is aligned and informed.

Step 6: Optimize campaign strategy

Based on the performance data, optimize your campaign strategy. Adjust content, targeting, and other elements to improve results.

Step 7: Communicate with collaborators

Use Adspeer's messaging feature to communicate with your collaborators. Discuss updates, share insights, and address any questions or concerns.

Step 8: Review payments and analytics

Review payment information to ensure all compensations are accurate. Access campaign analytics to understand the impact and effectiveness of your efforts.
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a. Title
b. Description
c. Social media platforms
d. Content URL
e. Status
f. View promoters
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    Campaign budget
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